My Experience with Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is becoming an increasingly popular procedure and with rapidly improving technology, is sure to become the preferred choice for glasses/contact wearers. After 10 years of being a glasses-wearer, I decided to have the procedure done. I found that there were a lot of Chinese whispers going around about what it would actually be like that turned out to be false so I decided to share my experience with you. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you ☺️

It’s quite a long drawn out process that requires multiple visits to the clinic so make sure you consider location when choosing a provider. The initial consultation involves a few eye tests similar to what you would have done at your regular opticians appointment. Afterwards you will be told whether you are eligible for the surgery or not. As of yet the procedure can only correct short-sightedness so if you cant see things that are far away you will most likely be suitable. You must be over the age of 22 and your prescription should be relatively stable for a period of 1 year. My eyesight was quite bad, I was a -5.00 and the technician informed me that once your prescription goes beyond -6.00 the chance of you obtaining a 20/20 vision result is significantly lowered.

What I didn’t know is that the baseline price you see on the ad’s on tv with the little * after it is the price for the tiniest prescription of -0.05 and for every level you go down after that, the price rises. It rises a lot. I was quoted €4950 for the two eyes and I nearly had a conniption. Heres a tip, never accept the first price they give you. When you say you’re unsure they will do the usual routine of leaving the room to “ask their boss” if they can get you a discount and they always come back with a lower figure the second time. In the end I paid €4100 for both eyes but again, my prescription was very high so if your eyes aren’t that bad you will pay much less.

There are two laser eye surgery procedures available, LASIK and LASEK. LASIK is done within the eye itself and I was told the recovery time was 24 hours. LASEK is done on top of the eye meaning it is much more painful and has a 5 day recovery time. The LASIK is slightly more expensive but I figured it would be worth it as I didn’t fancy the long drawn out recovery time involved with the other procedure. I was made watch an information video detailing all the risks of surgery and was given a big booklet to read at home. I chose my operation date for three weeks time and was delighted I would have it done before Christmas. A week before the surgery I had a call from the surgeon who again went through the risks with me, explained the two different procedures available and answered any questions I had.

I was told I would be in and out of the clinic within two hours on the day of my surgery but it was more like five. I sat in the waiting area with three other people who were having it done that day and every now and then a poor aul sod would stumble out of the swinging doors covering their eyes and grumbling which added to the anxiety that was already mounting in the room. I started thinking jaysus maybe I’m mad to go through with this, having my eye sliced open sure I could go blind, glasses aren’t that bad. I opened up the information booklet to glance at all the potential complications of the procedure and quickly snapped it shut again before I ended up doing a runner.

I was then called upstairs to another waiting room and given an aftercare kit which included four different eyedrops all to be taken at particular times in a particular order and a massive pair of goggles for sleeping in. Luckily the instructions were written out because I couldn’t hear a word she was saying, I was too focused on the buzzing noise coming from next door wondering was it the noise of the laser machine.

After another long wait I went in to have a chat with the surgeon who had just reviewed all my optical information. Apparently I have a thin cornea so he strongly suggested I opt for the LASEK instead of the LASIK procedure. He said it would be more painful and would require bandaged contacts to be fitted in my eyes for four days. It was quite stressful to have my surgery changed on the day, I hadn’t realised this was a possibility. I started panicking thinking of the lengthy recovery time, I had an exam in five days for the Bar which I couldn’t defer and it was cutting it very fine. The surgeon suggested I reschedule the procedure for another time but I had come this far and there wasn’t a chance I was going through this ordeal gain so I took his advice and agreed to the LASEK.

After more waiting I went in to the operating room and lay down. Numbing drops were put into my eyes which would stop me feeling the need to blink. One eye is done at a time and the procedure itself is four minutes per eye. A clamp was put under my eyelids to keep my eyes open and then he started making incisions in my eye before the laser was used. Finally the bandage contacts were put in. I was very aware of everything that was going on and while it didn’t hurt at all it was a very strange uncomfortable feeling. When I sat up I was sure I would be blinded but I could see things through a hazy glare.

That night I couldn’t sleep with the protective goggles I had to wear and my eyes were constantly streaming water. I had to go to the clinic again the next day to make sure everything was ok and I was in a lot of pain. My eyes were so sensitive I couldn’t stand any light so I stayed in my room for three days with the curtains drawn, lights off and sunglasses on. I couldn’t look at screens, I couldn’t read a book, I had to just rest my eyes as much as possible. I listened to Harry Potter audio books and took lots of Neurofen. The pain was a lot worse than I had expected and it took a full five days for that to subside. When the bandage contacts were removed it was a relief but it also made my eyes sore again. The more popular LASIK procedure probably has a lot less down time than the one I got but I cant say for sure.

Every day my eyesight improved a little bit more. All in all I’d say it was at least three weeks before I had perfect vision which was a lot longer than I had anticipated. In the days after the surgery I wasn’t sure whether it would be worth it or not considering the healing process but I cannot stress how amazing the results are. I don’t need glasses or contacts at all, for anything, ever! Driving, going to the gym, swimming on holiday, wearing sunglasses… So many things I had never been able to do without the hassle of specs and now I am hassle free. I don’t miss my glasses at all and I can see little details when I’m outside that I had never seen before. Recently I went to the clinic again for my final check up (my 5th visit) and I did an eye test which determined I have better than 20/20 vision! It’s definitely an investment worth the suffering, time and money.


10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to New York

  1. Don’t move in to an apartment until you have met your future roomies

Although it seems like a big advantage having a place to go to as soon as you arrive its not worth the risk of potentially sharing your space with any crazies. Craigslist is a minefield full of scams and psychos so don’t part with any of your cash unless you know exactly who your moving in with. This was my first mistake when I moved to New York which I quickly realised after my room mate went from friendly and helpful to scary and mental. She ran the apartment like an army barracks with a gruelling cleaning schedule, a no guests policy and constantly reminded me that it was not my home, I had to follow her rules or I was going to be put out.

There are plenty of housing groups on Facebook where loads of rooms are advertised and you can easily check out their profile beforehand so you know if they’re legit. Some of the best ones I found were “gypsy housing” “New York city housing, rooms, apartments” and “J1 graduate New York”.

2.   Get a sim card, bank account and metro card asap

T Mobile have really good deals, depending on how much data you need packages start at $30 a month. I decided to go for the $40 a month deal since I literally didn’t know my arse from my elbow in New York and completely depended on my phone to find my way around.

I had a bit of hassle when I first arrived trying to open a bank account, Chase bank wanted me to provide proof of address which obviously isn’t possible if you’ve only arrived. Wells Fargo and Bank of America are your best bets, they just need two forms of photo i.d and your Irish bank card.

Travel in New York is expensive, buy a metro card it will be your new best friend. The more you top it up by the more bonus travel you get and at $2.75 per subway ride its well worth it. I found a great app called Citymapper its like my bible over here, just put in where you want to go and it will give you lots of different alternative routes of how to get there on public transport.

3.    It’s not as manic as you think 

When I first arrived, I stepped out on to the street in Times Square with my life packed into 3 oversized bags and no internet, no friends and no one to phone. After hogging some free wifi and getting an uber to my apartment I couldn’t wait to go back out again and explore. (another tip, never attempt a subway journey with heavy bags, trust me)

I was surprised at how quickly I settled in. Once you start socialising and make a few friends thats all you really need before you start feeling like you actually live here. The majority of people I have met have been really friendly and its easy to make connections if you make a genuine effort. The whole “cold and lonely” perception of New York is just a silly stereotype. No matter where you are or what time of the night it is there is always police around so it feels really safe too. The buzz is electric, the lights the people the atmosphere, I love all of it. It’s one of the most exciting places in the world, so instead of being freaked out by the hustle and bustle join in and enjoy it!

4.    Bring your comfiest shoes 

The sheer size of the place is insane, especially when your coming from somewhere as small as Ireland which has a population of 4.7 million while New York city alone is home to 8.4 million. The distance that you will walk is going to be immense so bring your comfiest runners and prepare for some serious cardio. It might seem like a pain but walking around is the best way to see the city and really helps you get your bearings in terms of knowing your way around. Everything goes here, you can really wear whatever the hell you like from heels to Huaraches, plimsolls to pizza boxes (yeah really!) I’ve seen it all. And if your buying a pair, don’t forget about U.S sizing. Your best bet is to try everything on and take a good walk around before you buy anything. I’m a UK4 and ended up having to get a 5.5

5.    The weather is crazy

I knew it would be cold in New York in February, but what I didn’t know was it would also be warm. The weather here is so unpredictable, one day it might be too warm for you to wear a jacket and the next your wrapped up from head to toe and theres 8 inches of snow outside. There was a blizzard here the other day and the whole city shut down for a “snow day” so don’t be shocked if your suddenly housebound. My room mates and I decided to brave the cold and build snowmen in Central Park which was so worth it but it wreaks havoc on your health when the temperature is up and down like a yoyo so stock up on vitamins and bring a multitude of outfits for every type of weather.

6.    The only place with more Irish bars than New York is Ireland 

I still can’t get over how many Irish are over here its like a home away from home! Your strolling down fifth avenue past all these fancy designer boutiques and you hear someone across the street shouting “ah well, whats the craic?” and you don’t feel like your so far away at all. Every second street has an Irish bar on it and theres no better community to be a part of than the Irish abroad. Everyone is really understanding since most of them were in the same position as you at some point and most people are willing to help you out in whatever way they can.

There’s the “New York Irish centre” which is always open and the “Irish immigration centre” who are always on hand to help and chances are you already know someone who knows someone who’s in New York so use the contacts you have and don’t be afraid to reach out.

7.    Meetup and Bumble(bff) will have you buddying up in no time 

Whether your into cocktails, cars, rock climbing or raving you can bet that theres loads of other people in New York who are arranging a meet up for that very activity. You can download the Meetup app, put in your interests and straight away see what events are scheduled for the next few days. It can be daunting turning up to an event alone but the more time you spend in New York the more you will see how normal it is and thats actually what the majority of people at these groups do. Its a great way to meet new people and if it turns out not to be your thing, you can just move on to something else.

I thought Bumble was just another alternative to Tinder but it turns out that it has a “bff” function which you can turn on to match with girls in your area on a strictly friendship basis. If your sick of the dating scene and just want a good old dance on a girlie night out then look no further!

8.    NEVER bring your passport out with you 

I made the epic mistake of bringing my passport out with me and yes, I lost it. I thought New York bouncers wouldn’t even know what an Irish driving license was (which is wrong btw, they accept them everywhere) It was an absolute nightmare trying to get a replacement in time as I was sitting a bar exam Saturday and had lost it the Saturday before. After jumping through lots of hoops I finally managed to get it on time but I’m still kicking myself that I even brought it out in the first place. Don’t do it just don’t

9.   Beware of Tinder

The men over here couldn’t be any more different from the men back in Ireland, at home you’d be awe struck if a fella asked you out on a date whereas here you’ll be inundated with offers. At first all the attention seems great but be careful about who you decide to spend your time with. Because of the sheer volume of people in the city the dating scene is like a never ending conveyor belt, if one guy turns out to be a pleb theres another right where he came from so don’t waste your time on people your getting bad vibes from, always trust your gut!

It goes without saying, never arrange to meet at a strangers apartment, always choose a public place. Let your roomies know where your going and who with. Keep your wits about you and don’t drink too much. If its past midnight don’t brave the subway, get a Lyft or an Uber or even better, download the Via app which is a cheaper alternative for getting taxis around the city.

10.    Don’t forget to go see the sights, your in the Big Apple!

It’s so easy to fall into the typical New Yorker routine of working, eating, sleeping but don’t let the humdrum take control! If you have a day off or some spare time push yourself to go out and tick at least one thing off your to do list. There is so much to see and do the options are endless, so while sitting in your pj’s watching Netflix sounds appealing you can do that anywhere. The Top of the Rock has amazing views of the whole city, take the Staten Island ferry for the best views of the Statue of Liberty (and its free) take a stroll through Central Park and visit the turtle pond, have a cocktail at one of the city’s many rooftop bars or visit a secret speakeasy and bask in the atmosphere. (Attaboy and Dear Irving are two of my favs). Head over to New Jersey on the PATH train for arguably the best views of the infamous New York skyline and go for a stroll across the Brooklyn bridge. Head to a warehouse rave in Brooklyn or out for an evening of freakiness at The Box.

Forget the Taboo and get a Tattoo

I got my first tattoo when I was 16. It was a small heart, half red half purple with swirly bits coming out each side. When my Mam saw it I told her it wasn’t real. When she saw it again a few weeks later she nearly had a canary. People started asking me what it represented, if it meant something to me. I felt pressured into conjuring up a meaning for it and came up with “the red is love and the purple is lust and its about the balance of the two in a relationship.” Sounds very mature considering I didn’t have a clue what the hell love was but I felt I had to justify it with some meaningful nonsense. From that point on I decided that people couldn’t get tattoos unless they’re symbolic of something. They have to represent some significant or traumatic stage of your life, something close to your heart. I got my second tattoo when I was 17. With my new found knowledge I was sure I had got it right this time. I got a quote all along my ribs in my favourite language, Italian. It reads “Vi sara sempre uni parte di mi” and it means “you will always be a part of me.” I got it because it represents my special bond with my Mam. When I tell people they always say “sorry to hear” but I didn’t get the tattoo because my Mam has passed away, she’s alive and well. It made me feel like I had gotten it wrong again.

People are so quick to judge when they see a tattoo, jumping to conclusions about what it means or whether it means anything at all. I got that stupid heart because I thought it looked cute and thats absolutely fine. I got that quote because I wanted to show my Mam how much she means to me. Then I realised that no matter how hard you think about what tattoo you want to get and what other people will think and how it will be perceived, your never going to get through to everybody. When I was 18 I decided to get the heart covered up with a beautiful butterfly – not because it meant anything but because it looked bloody good. I don’t know whether people stopped piping up with their outdated opinions or if I just stopped listening but from then on I felt a lot more confident, not just about my ink but about my prerogative.

At 20 I went with a friend to get my third tattoo. I’m a big animal lover and I wanted something that represented that. Anyone who knows me knows my cats are my fur babies 💖 so I choose 3 small paw prints on my foot. Now at 22 I have just gotten my fourth and most amazing tattoo yet. I went for a decorative lion on my thigh and while I could tell you it represents my ambition and strength or because my star sign is Leo, the main reason I got it is because its fucking awesome. The point is, a tattoo can mean something or nothing at all, it can be a picture, a portrait, a quote or a compass, something with a clear message or something a little harder to decipher. That’s what makes them so special, they’re completely unique to every person. People can perceive the very same thing in lots of different ways. Tattoos are like a personality puzzle, as you piece them together you find out about a person in ways words can’t communicate.

Growing up I wondered who the warrior princess was that graced my Dad’s forearm, her tresses of auburn hair blowing softly in the imaginary breeze. Or the jet black panther prowling up my uncle’s back. I think it makes people less flat, people with tattoos seem more multidimensional. Theres nothing like the adrenaline on tattoo day, your waiting for the artist to finish your sketch. She comes over and you inspect it, giving her the nod of approval. You slide into your chair and get comfy, you make sure your phone is lying beside you, you might be here for a while. Then the familiar buzz of the tattoo gun and your adrenaline spikes. Two minutes in and your thinking WHY have I done this to myself but once the initial shock is over you settle into the pain, enjoy it even. And the finished result gives you an immense feeling of pride. Like when your driving home with a warm takeaway on your lap after braving the rain but without the guilt.

I cant wait for the generation that see’s nothing wrong with a judge or a doctor having visible tattoos as they go about their professional lives. Reporters on tv giving us live coverage of events as they unfold around the world with their usual air of elegance, but with a cheeky sleeve on show. After all, expressing yourself through art should only be viewed as a good thing. For those of you who are wondering, let me tell you that no, I don’t regret any of my tattoos even the silly love heart. And have I thought about what my tattoos will look like when I’m old? Yeah I have. They’ll look chuffing great.

AMK  ✨

My latest tattoo in steps; 1) The sketch 2) During 3) The result!

Look book: Night Time Smokes

✨ Product List ✨

Benefit “pore-fessional” primer

Charlotte Tilbury “magic foundation” no.4

Urban Decay “naked concealer” fair – Still the best concealer out there!

Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit

Laura Mercier translucent setting powder

Anastasia Beverly Hills “self made” palette, colours – hot and cold, metallic plum, hot chocolate, sherbet and buttery

The Balm “schwing” liquid eyeliner – This stuff is a literal life saver and perfect for achieving eyeliner so sharp it could double as a blade

The Balm “maryloumanizer”

Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in dark brown – The oldies really are the goodies!

Limecrime velventine in “cashmere” – The pigments in these lipsticks are insane, really long lasting and completely animal cruelty free!!

Nyx “dewy” setting spray

Penneys “sultry” lashes – These are €1.50 guys, where can you go wrong!

If anyone would like to see a tutorial on this look or something different, let me know! I’ve never filmed one before but I never say no to a challenge ✨


Winter Woes

Ever felt like your taking the saying “stuck between a rock and a hard place” to a whole other level? Not a girl not yet a woman? (Love you Britney). You know those type of moods where you kinda want to work out, kinda want to get a garlic cheese chip, kinda want to take a 3 day nap? Is this adulting? I have no idea. Its like trying to navigate yourself through some sort of lost labyrinthian limbo. Its winter but its still not Christmas so my over indulgence in chocolate yule logs and Tunnocks tea cakes is completely premature but, what else is there? Long gone are the days sweating it out in the gym preparing for that epic holiday to the sun, now the only exercise I get is running up the stairs to get money out of my purse for the chinese delivery. And then theres the thirst you get on a Saturday night, and you know you shouldn’t be drinking because Christmas is coming and your liver isn’t going to be too pleased but then you remember that the working week is basically impossible to endure without a few therapeutic tipples.

Getting dressed is a mammoth expedition and not just because its teeth chatteringly freezing but also because your wardrobe is an absolute mess and consists of questionable crop tops, straw hats and booty shorts with cosy jumpers, fluffy socks and woolly scarves thrown on top. Whats a girl to do? Its too early to go Christmas shopping but too late to have this few items of clothing appropriate for winter. Its also the time of year where the weather loves to wreak havoc on your internet connection which absolutely ruins your plans of ordering another chinese and sneaking away from your family to eat it in your room while you watch a whole season of Power. Although positive polly would probably pipe up now and say at least it doesn’t make your procrastination any worse when your attempting to study but then again theres always those random games you’ve downloaded on your phone and never get the chance to play, right?

Summer seems like a distant magical illusion in my mind, was I even on holidays a mere three months ago? On a beach, in a bikini you say? I wouldn’t even dare attempt to walk around the house without my dressing gown on right now for fear of getting frostbite. And thank god for that because then no one notices how many selection boxes I’ve actually eaten. I don’t care if they’re “for the kids” they’re tasty. Then Facebook decides to add insult to injury reminding you that “one year ago today” you graduated college, reminding you of all those carefree, vodka fuelled nights you spent in good clubs with good friends when the closest thing you’ve been to “carefree” lately has been deciding you will book a morning off work to go get your car nct’d. Is this adulting? Cause if it is is, thanks for the opportunity, but no thanks.

And isn’t winter such a “couples” month? Yeah in the summer being single is great craic and you can do what you want when you want while all your attached friends look on in envy but now its you who’s jealous looking at all their cosy cuddled up snaps in front of the fire drinking hot chocolates and watching old movies. You wouldn’t normally think twice about that guy who plays for the local football team and singlehandedly kissed every woman/girl/sheep in the village but damnit! Your sick of the couple goals hashtags and the Netflix but no chill marathons. Why should we have to suffer because we say no to every guy unless he ticks each of the 26 boxes on our list?

On that note, should I block out this rank reality by blasting out a Girls Aloud playlist or would Green Day do a better job? I could always make a salad to bring to work for lunch tomorrow, or will I just use one of the Burger King vouchers in my bag and get two chicken royales for the price of one? Will I actually get up when my alarm goes off so I can have a proper breakfast before college or will I just lie in bed staring aimlessly at my phone for another 10 minutes? Will I text him back despite his dangerously low maturity levels or will I just block him and be done with it? Night in with your cats catching up on Catfish or night out with your friends catching your crush kissing your nemesis?

Too many decisions, too much confusion. See you closer to Christmas guys, I’m going into hibernation.


You know what really Grinds my Gears?

30 things all girls will relate to:

  1. When your waiting at the bar for a drink, you finally get to the front and you rest your arm on the counter, money in hand to show your ready and the whole thing is covered in a disgusting, sticky, unidentified liquid. Gross
  2. When its Saturday night and your watching the X Factor (obvs) and Louis Walsh says for the thirteenth time “your a ready made pop star”
  3. When your on a diet and you go to your granny’s and she refuse to let you leave until you eat 4 sandwiches, 2 trays of chocolates, a scone and a chocolate digestive with tea
  4. When your heading on a night out with the girls and you know its inevitable that your going to see someone that you shifted and wonder what life would be like if you didn’t live in a place where everyone knows someone that knows someone
  5. When you try to be healthy by bringing a banana to work for lunch but by the time you take it out to eat it its all black and mushy from being bashed around in your handbag
  6. When your lying on the couch nursing a hangover, slowly falling into an alcohol soaked sleep and your pet jumps on you knocking the wind out of you and making you seriously consider becoming a pioneer
  7. When your Mam goes down to the takeaway to get you a spice bag and then calls five minutes later; “They said they’ve never heard of a rice bag Aoife, what do you want instead?”
  8. When your texting a new lad and he says “send us a pic”
  9. When your iPhone charger mysteriously decides to stop working, your not at home, your battery is dying, your going to be left abandoned, stranded, then it all goes black
  10. When you think you’ve met a nice fella on a night out but it turns out that his best friends cousin dumped your sisters friend by text so he is obviously a no go
  11. When your trying to peacefully indulge in your guilty pleasure of watching Ex on the Beach and your Mam comes in shouting; “they’re like bloody animals those people!”
  12. When your mate tries to quit the cause saying they’re really tired before a big night out that you NEED to go on to get you through the week
  13. When your getting a chicken fillet roll and you want a bit of lettuce and loads of cheese and they do the exact opposite, WHY
  14. When heels are life but they HURT LIKE HELL
  15. When your brother is playing with your phone then next thing you start getting a load of messages on tinder and you realise he’s matched you with EVERYONE – even that lad in your class that used to pick his nose and eat it
  16. When you have an important event so you leave it till the last minute to get organised and order a dress online and it doesn’t arrive in time. Life = over
  17. When your texting someone and they have the audacity to call you? Ew I don’t want phone speak
  18. When you graduate from college and it feels like someone has given you a new game to play but theres no tutorial except its your life and your just flailing around with no notion of whats going on
  19. When you go on holiday and try to ignore the fact that you are naturally the colour of a milkybar so avoid putting on suncream and end up resembling a beetroot
  20. When old people say “did you buy those jeans with the holes in them” yes Sharon pipe down
  21. Mustering up the courage to go to the gym and immediately regretting it because it’s packed and the witnesses..
  22. Waking up with severe cotton mouth and not a drop to drink in sight
  23. When you start a new job and they make everyone say a fun fact about themselves
  24. When people wear hair extensions and you can clearly see where their real hair ends at the back
  25. When you come home from a night out and your family asks “so did you meet anyone nice?” NOPE
  26. When you’re getting on well with a new lad and they start acting up out of nowhere, cold shoulder for you then mate
  27. When your just out of the shower and your phone pings with a new WhatsApp message so you scramble to unlock it but it wont recognise your thumb print because theres moisturiser on it
  28. When your casually minding your own business at work and your manager asks you to do something, could you not
  29. When your listening to These Hoes Aint Loyal in the car and your Dad asks why Chris Brown is using that language
  30. When you get dressed immediately after a shower and your clothes just stick to your skin


Like the moon, half of her was always hidden

In fear that her thoughts may tumble out, unbidden

To look at she’s perfect, brave and unbreakable

But inside she’s caving, her anxiety unmistakeable.


A solitary soldier, her lines are well versed

“Its nothing” “Im fine” the lies like a curse

She’s gotten so good at putting on a show

She has almost forgotten how to stop and let go.


How do you break a habit, when its become who you are

The image you project, but no one see’s the internal scar

No one really knows, because you act just the same

And next thing your spiralling, with no one else to blame.


It shouldn’t have to be this way, she shouldn’t have to hide

Whats going on inside her head, the way she feels inside

If people would just take the time, to listen and understand

Then maybe she wouldn’t feel so lonely, drowning on dry land

Making It or Faking It?

Im back!!!!!! I cant believe its been two months since I wrote something, soz for being so M.I.A but I’ve been suffering from serious post-Ibiza depression and I’m only starting to allow reality to sink back in now. If you’ve been there, you know.

Anyway, I decided I would come back with a bang and dish the dirt on some shady shit that I think we can all admit we are guilty of. Its something that has become so normal we barely give it a second thought. I’m talking about the perfectly pristine “look at me I’m so happy having an awesome time with my awesome friends at this awesome place” image that we project of ourselves online. Some of us may be serial offenders, others just drop the occasional “and how’s your Monday” snapchat of themselves lounging on a beach somewhere, as if its a regular occurrence. Whether your snapchat score is 10,000 or 100,000 the message is always the same. We want to show off the best bits of our lives to everyone. It makes us feel better and you might wonder whats wrong with that until you realise that in turn it makes everyone feel a lot worse. Comparison is THE biggest confidence killer there is. And its extremely hard to avoid. It feels natural to look at your friends and peers and starting thinking about how you match up but when you start to put yourself down because you haven’t reached the same point as an online image has, then it starts negatively effecting you. Its a situation us gals know all too well.

You manage to drag yourself to the gym after much procrastination and spend an hour sweating it out. You leave feeling really good about yourself, you’ll be at your goal weight in no time and then bam, a quick flick through Instagram leaves you feeling deflated when your confronted with a picture of Jen Selter’s banging big booty. Then the negative comparisons start: “Why cant my thighs be that thin?” “I’ll never look like her whats the point.” The thing is, SHE barely even looks like her! All people see is that perfectly lit, edited, filtered selfie that people post, and not the 100 other versions that didn’t make the cut. As a photo obsessive I will be the first one to say how important pictures are, they allow to you express yourself but also they capture a moment in time and while people and things change, a photo never will. But filters and perfect lighting don’t exist in real life so why do we try to portray an image online thats obviously so false? Are we rapidly becoming a generation of narcissists? *gasp*

As one article put it “up until the introduction of social media, the media we knew focused more on fictional worlds and societies. Then along came the reality TV boom in the 90’s. This made common viewers potential ‘stars’ in their own right and thus, our societal transformation from consumer to consumable was almost complete.” Scary huh?? We have unconsciously developed a sort of competitive superiority complex where everyone is trying to out do the next person with their hashtags of #wanderlust #lifegoals #squad when in actual fact our realities can be starkly different. And I am by no means a non offender. When I was in Ibiza I was all to eager to share perfectly poised snaps of cocktails by the beach, tanned torso’s and nights out when I’d find a particularly lush light in a bathroom to take a selfie under. But what I didn’t share was the selfie I took when my face swelled up like a balloon after being sunburnt or the mosquito bites I had an allergic reaction to. I literally looked like the Michelin man and it wasn’t cute but hey! Thats life and we’re all human. Sure, no one wants to share what we consider a “bad” photo of ourselves with the world. The ones taken from a bad angle exposing a double chin or a spot, the ones taken after a big bowl of pasta where your clearly nursing a food baby or the one taken in bad lighting, making your highlight look a lot less than on fleek but maybe its sharing these untouched, natural photos that will make us all happier in the long run?

Because our comparability to “insta-life” is impossible. And a crock of crap.


Appearance                                              v                 Reality

Look book: Night Time Glam

Hey guys!!! Thank you so much for all the love on my last blog post “Kidulthood” I am delighted that so many of you were able to relate to my writing in such a positive way! It really motivates me to improve on and be more creative with my posts, so I’ve decided to do a second piece this week on something completely different. Bringing it right back to why I ever thought of starting a blog, its MAKEUP 💖




Benefit’s “pore-fessional” primer – This is seriously the best primer ever and always ensures your left with a flawless base for your foundation. Apply with a makeup brush to avoid being left with any slimy residue

Charlotte Tilbury “magic foundation” shade no. 4 – My absolute fav foundation at the moment! Lightweight and creamy, it blends seamlessly into the skin with a medium coverage that doesn’t feel caky

No.7 translucent powder

Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit in fair to medium – These powders are so easy to blend, so you can achieve your desired intensity by building up the depth of the shade bit by bit

Urban Decay “naked” concealer in fair – Literally can not recommend this concealer enough, its perfect for banishing dark under eyes and its creamy texture makes it so easy to blend. Try it. Buy it. Do it!

The Balm “mary-lou manizer” highlighter – Believe the hype people! The glow off this beauty is life


Anastasia Beverly Hills “dip brow” in chocolate



Urban Decay “naked smokey” palette using shades “dagger” “armour” “slanted” “high” “black market” and “smoulder.” I also took the mary-lou manager again and swept it over my brow bone and on to my tear duct.

Inglot “stardust pigment” no.118 – These pigments are amazing, they have great staying power and they’re sooooo glittery!

MAC “fluidline” gel eyeliner in blacktrack

MAC eyeliner in teddy – I use this shade in my waterline no matter what look I’m wearing, its a gorgeous soft brown with slightly reflective pigments so it deepens your eyes while also opening them up

Too Faced “better than sex” mascara – This baby is a must have

Lashes are from Penneys (Primark) in “sultry” and at €2 they’re an absolute bargain


MAC lip pencil in whirl

NYX matte lipstick in summer breeze


If you guys want to see a tutorial on this look or something different, let me a comment below. I’ve never done one before and I’m a small bit scared of it but I’ll give it a shot!




I am currently at that awkward stage graduates know all too well, between finishing college and finding a proper job in my field of study. I still feel like a student who wants to lie in till stupid o clock, binge watch “Pretty Little Liars” all evening and hit up Dicey’s, Coppers and DTwo all in the same week, but at the same time I want to start establishing myself career-wise and begin building my empire. Why did adulthood think it was ok to creep up on me like this? I mean, thanks for the opportunity, but no thanks. I would rather stay in college forever, spending my days strolling nonchalantly around campus eating chicken fillet rolls and downing cheap pints in the Nubar between classes. I always thought I would graduate and walk straight into a job in the legal profession or further my studies at Kings Inn’s but having decided to stay in San Francisco on my J1 for as long as I could (which I don’t regret for a second) I came home in October and felt like I missed the deadlines and was pipped at the post by my peers. Its almost inevitable, looking at your old classmates Facebook pages to see did they manage to snag one of those gold-dust graduate jobs and  end up feeling disheartened, chalking yourself up as a deadbeat disappointment for not “making it.” It doesn’t help when Facebook keeps shoving memories of “this time last year” down your throat which for me, includes photos of my best friend and I at Pride in San Francisco having the best craic ever, drinking a bottle of cognac while posing for a picture with some man dressed up as the pope and two police officers. Its hard not to beat yourself up and think wow, what have I actually done in the past year?

It was while I was having one of my weekly rants in work about how its not what I want to be doing and I’m not where I wanted to be at this age blah blah that one of the ladies I work with gave me a sound snippet of advice. “This is just your work, its not your life. It simply enables you to go and live.” And she is absolutely right. So your in that weird “kidulthood” stage before taking the leap and becoming a fully fledged adult, and your working in a job that may not be what you envisioned during your sambuca saturated days at college but thats ok because without the experience your gaining now you probably wouldn’t be able to succeed later in that renowned role anyway. And when is anything worth doing ever easy to achieve? We’ll all appreciate our success much more if we accept that the journey is just as important as achieving the end result.

If I had never worked in retail then I wouldn’t know how to handle the perplexing, persnickety public and I never would have realised that I can somehow tap into this secret pot of patience and perseverance when I need to. I have also developed a good work ethic, I’m reliable and able to work on my own initiative and I know now when I do finally reach my end goal and bag the job of my dreams, I’ll be well able for it because of the experiences I have attained along the way. I still miss being able to walk outside the door of my little apartment and bump into five people I know on my way down to the shop, then end up being dragged to a house party on a rival college’s campus. It feels very alien at first, realising everyone has gone back to live in the counties they’re all from and you cant just conjugate out on the square for a chat but it also allows you to see which friendships are the real deal and who was just along for the ride. Whenever I do get the chance to meet up with my college mates we all act like big fairies anyway and I think we always will, kidult’s adults, whatever. And if we can all survive it anyone can.

By simply googling “life after college” your confronted with pages and pages of results, packed with opinions of people just like us who are trying to navigate this whole “should I eat this entire tub of Ben and Jerrys caramel chew chew for dinner or actually chop up vegetables and cook meat and shit” stage. Its always comforting to know that your not the only one.

And anyway, if you haven’t started from the bottom, then how can you properly appreciate the view at the top? 😉