Making It or Faking It?

Im back!!!!!! I cant believe its been two months since I wrote something, soz for being so M.I.A but I’ve been suffering from serious post-Ibiza depression and I’m only starting to allow reality to sink back in now. If you’ve been there, you know.

Anyway, I decided I would come back with a bang and dish the dirt on some shady shit that I think we can all admit we are guilty of. Its something that has become so normal we barely give it a second thought. I’m talking about the perfectly pristine “look at me I’m so happy having an awesome time with my awesome friends at this awesome place” image that we project of ourselves online. Some of us may be serial offenders, others just drop the occasional “and how’s your Monday” snapchat of themselves lounging on a beach somewhere, as if its a regular occurrence. Whether your snapchat score is 10,000 or 100,000 the message is always the same. We want to show off the best bits of our lives to everyone. It makes us feel better and you might wonder whats wrong with that until you realise that in turn it makes everyone feel a lot worse. Comparison is THE biggest confidence killer there is. And its extremely hard to avoid. It feels natural to look at your friends and peers and starting thinking about how you match up but when you start to put yourself down because you haven’t reached the same point as an online image has, then it starts negatively effecting you. Its a situation us gals know all too well.

You manage to drag yourself to the gym after much procrastination and spend an hour sweating it out. You leave feeling really good about yourself, you’ll be at your goal weight in no time and then bam, a quick flick through Instagram leaves you feeling deflated when your confronted with a picture of Jen Selter’s banging big booty. Then the negative comparisons start: “Why cant my thighs be that thin?” “I’ll never look like her whats the point.” The thing is, SHE barely even looks like her! All people see is that perfectly lit, edited, filtered selfie that people post, and not the 100 other versions that didn’t make the cut. As a photo obsessive I will be the first one to say how important pictures are, they allow to you express yourself but also they capture a moment in time and while people and things change, a photo never will. But filters and perfect lighting don’t exist in real life so why do we try to portray an image online thats obviously so false? Are we rapidly becoming a generation of narcissists? *gasp*

As one article put it “up until the introduction of social media, the media we knew focused more on fictional worlds and societies. Then along came the reality TV boom in the 90’s. This made common viewers potential ‘stars’ in their own right and thus, our societal transformation from consumer to consumable was almost complete.” Scary huh?? We have unconsciously developed a sort of competitive superiority complex where everyone is trying to out do the next person with their hashtags of #wanderlust #lifegoals #squad when in actual fact our realities can be starkly different. And I am by no means a non offender. When I was in Ibiza I was all to eager to share perfectly poised snaps of cocktails by the beach, tanned torso’s and nights out when I’d find a particularly lush light in a bathroom to take a selfie under. But what I didn’t share was the selfie I took when my face swelled up like a balloon after being sunburnt or the mosquito bites I had an allergic reaction to. I literally looked like the Michelin man and it wasn’t cute but hey! Thats life and we’re all human. Sure, no one wants to share what we consider a “bad” photo of ourselves with the world. The ones taken from a bad angle exposing a double chin or a spot, the ones taken after a big bowl of pasta where your clearly nursing a food baby or the one taken in bad lighting, making your highlight look a lot less than on fleek but maybe its sharing these untouched, natural photos that will make us all happier in the long run?

Because our comparability to “insta-life” is impossible. And a crock of crap.


Appearance                                              v                 Reality