HEY! Can someone get a date around here??

I think it was probably Tinder that signified the end of real dates. All that “dating” consists of these days is swiping left or right, cheesy chat up lines (Netflix and Chill anyone?) and unwarranted private-parts pics. Oh how I long for the days when my grandmother was growing up, where men would be chivalrous and ask you would you like to dance, not make an unwelcome grab for your booty and ask you what size your chest is. When did all the guys get together and suddenly decide to swap suits for snapbacks and manners for misogyny? Well I think us girls should set the record straight. No, McDonalds is not an ok place for a date. Asking us out then picking us up in your car and parking up somewhere is also not a date. Its creepy and its weird. Please refrain from sending/asking for nude photos. If it was going to happen it would be because we want to, not because your asking. If two people like each other then they should both want to make an effort to impress one another, when did everyone forget this? So next time your approaching someone that has caught your eye, keep it old school. Everybody loves a gent.