Forget the Taboo and get a Tattoo

I got my first tattoo when I was 16. It was a small heart, half red half purple with swirly bits coming out each side. When my Mam saw it I told her it wasn’t real. When she saw it again a few weeks later she nearly had a canary. People started asking me what it represented, if it meant something to me. I felt pressured into conjuring up a meaning for it and came up with “the red is love and the purple is lust and its about the balance of the two in a relationship.” Sounds very mature considering I didn’t have a clue what the hell love was but I felt I had to justify it with some meaningful nonsense. From that point on I decided that people couldn’t get tattoos unless they’re symbolic of something. They have to represent some significant or traumatic stage of your life, something close to your heart. I got my second tattoo when I was 17. With my new found knowledge I was sure I had got it right this time. I got a quote all along my ribs in my favourite language, Italian. It reads “Vi sara sempre uni parte di mi” and it means “you will always be a part of me.” I got it because it represents my special bond with my Mam. When I tell people they always say “sorry to hear” but I didn’t get the tattoo because my Mam has passed away, she’s alive and well. It made me feel like I had gotten it wrong again.

People are so quick to judge when they see a tattoo, jumping to conclusions about what it means or whether it means anything at all. I got that stupid heart because I thought it looked cute and thats absolutely fine. I got that quote because I wanted to show my Mam how much she means to me. Then I realised that no matter how hard you think about what tattoo you want to get and what other people will think and how it will be perceived, your never going to get through to everybody. When I was 18 I decided to get the heart covered up with a beautiful butterfly – not because it meant anything but because it looked bloody good. I don’t know whether people stopped piping up with their outdated opinions or if I just stopped listening but from then on I felt a lot more confident, not just about my ink but about my prerogative.

At 20 I went with a friend to get my third tattoo. I’m a big animal lover and I wanted something that represented that. Anyone who knows me knows my cats are my fur babies 💖 so I choose 3 small paw prints on my foot. Now at 22 I have just gotten my fourth and most amazing tattoo yet. I went for a decorative lion on my thigh and while I could tell you it represents my ambition and strength or because my star sign is Leo, the main reason I got it is because its fucking awesome. The point is, a tattoo can mean something or nothing at all, it can be a picture, a portrait, a quote or a compass, something with a clear message or something a little harder to decipher. That’s what makes them so special, they’re completely unique to every person. People can perceive the very same thing in lots of different ways. Tattoos are like a personality puzzle, as you piece them together you find out about a person in ways words can’t communicate.

Growing up I wondered who the warrior princess was that graced my Dad’s forearm, her tresses of auburn hair blowing softly in the imaginary breeze. Or the jet black panther prowling up my uncle’s back. I think it makes people less flat, people with tattoos seem more multidimensional. Theres nothing like the adrenaline on tattoo day, your waiting for the artist to finish your sketch. She comes over and you inspect it, giving her the nod of approval. You slide into your chair and get comfy, you make sure your phone is lying beside you, you might be here for a while. Then the familiar buzz of the tattoo gun and your adrenaline spikes. Two minutes in and your thinking WHY have I done this to myself but once the initial shock is over you settle into the pain, enjoy it even. And the finished result gives you an immense feeling of pride. Like when your driving home with a warm takeaway on your lap after braving the rain but without the guilt.

I cant wait for the generation that see’s nothing wrong with a judge or a doctor having visible tattoos as they go about their professional lives. Reporters on tv giving us live coverage of events as they unfold around the world with their usual air of elegance, but with a cheeky sleeve on show. After all, expressing yourself through art should only be viewed as a good thing. For those of you who are wondering, let me tell you that no, I don’t regret any of my tattoos even the silly love heart. And have I thought about what my tattoos will look like when I’m old? Yeah I have. They’ll look chuffing great.

AMK  ✨

My latest tattoo in steps; 1) The sketch 2) During 3) The result!


Look book: Grunge Glam


Hi guys,

Its finally time for me to come out of hibernation! I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and Happy New Year! Now that I’ve left the world of retail i’m going to have a lot more time to focus on my blog, thanks to everyone for all the support so far it means a lot 💖

Here’s some makeup inspo for tomorrow night!

I recently bought the “side of sassy” lashes from Buff and Blend and I am absolutely in love, I’ve worn them 8 times already and they’re still perfect! Definitely worth the investment. They’re €15 on and it’s €3.50 for delivery.

Cant wait to dig into the prosecco tomorrow… Enjoy chicas!!


Look book: Night Time Smokes

✨ Product List ✨

Benefit “pore-fessional” primer

Charlotte Tilbury “magic foundation” no.4

Urban Decay “naked concealer” fair – Still the best concealer out there!

Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit

Laura Mercier translucent setting powder

Anastasia Beverly Hills “self made” palette, colours – hot and cold, metallic plum, hot chocolate, sherbet and buttery

The Balm “schwing” liquid eyeliner – This stuff is a literal life saver and perfect for achieving eyeliner so sharp it could double as a blade

The Balm “maryloumanizer”

Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in dark brown – The oldies really are the goodies!

Limecrime velventine in “cashmere” – The pigments in these lipsticks are insane, really long lasting and completely animal cruelty free!!

Nyx “dewy” setting spray

Penneys “sultry” lashes – These are €1.50 guys, where can you go wrong!

If anyone would like to see a tutorial on this look or something different, let me know! I’ve never filmed one before but I never say no to a challenge ✨


Look book: Night Time Glam

Hey guys!!! Thank you so much for all the love on my last blog post “Kidulthood” I am delighted that so many of you were able to relate to my writing in such a positive way! It really motivates me to improve on and be more creative with my posts, so I’ve decided to do a second piece this week on something completely different. Bringing it right back to why I ever thought of starting a blog, its MAKEUP 💖




Benefit’s “pore-fessional” primer – This is seriously the best primer ever and always ensures your left with a flawless base for your foundation. Apply with a makeup brush to avoid being left with any slimy residue

Charlotte Tilbury “magic foundation” shade no. 4 – My absolute fav foundation at the moment! Lightweight and creamy, it blends seamlessly into the skin with a medium coverage that doesn’t feel caky

No.7 translucent powder

Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour kit in fair to medium – These powders are so easy to blend, so you can achieve your desired intensity by building up the depth of the shade bit by bit

Urban Decay “naked” concealer in fair – Literally can not recommend this concealer enough, its perfect for banishing dark under eyes and its creamy texture makes it so easy to blend. Try it. Buy it. Do it!

The Balm “mary-lou manizer” highlighter – Believe the hype people! The glow off this beauty is life


Anastasia Beverly Hills “dip brow” in chocolate



Urban Decay “naked smokey” palette using shades “dagger” “armour” “slanted” “high” “black market” and “smoulder.” I also took the mary-lou manager again and swept it over my brow bone and on to my tear duct.

Inglot “stardust pigment” no.118 – These pigments are amazing, they have great staying power and they’re sooooo glittery!

MAC “fluidline” gel eyeliner in blacktrack

MAC eyeliner in teddy – I use this shade in my waterline no matter what look I’m wearing, its a gorgeous soft brown with slightly reflective pigments so it deepens your eyes while also opening them up

Too Faced “better than sex” mascara – This baby is a must have

Lashes are from Penneys (Primark) in “sultry” and at €2 they’re an absolute bargain


MAC lip pencil in whirl

NYX matte lipstick in summer breeze


If you guys want to see a tutorial on this look or something different, let me a comment below. I’ve never done one before and I’m a small bit scared of it but I’ll give it a shot!



Look book: Rihanna Concert

Hey guys! Just realised that since I started Sins and Sparkles I haven’t once written a post about beauty/fashion which is what I was initially going to limit my blog to. So glad that I didn’t end up doing that! But the beauty ballistic beast in me is screaming for acknowledgement so I’m going to do a piece on the look I wore going to Rihanna’s concert in Dublin.

For my hair I took some inspo from Riri herself and decided to do a huge head of poodle like curls. It took me about an hour and I kept burning myself followed by having mini meltdowns after each incident but it was worth it in the end, I loved how fun and voluminous it was! I used a regular curling iron, taking really small sections of hair and wrapping it around the very end of the iron where it was thinnest to make the curls really tight and full. When I had done my full head I teased apart the curls and fluffed them up to achieve the volume I wanted. My hair is naturally very straight so it doesn’t keep a curl very well but these stayed put all night (and the next morning) win win!!


I kept my makeup quite minimal as I wanted my hair to do the talking. I went for a flawless base which I achieved with my new fav foundation, Charlotte Tilbury “Magic Foundation” in 3 on top of Benefits “pore-fessional primer.” I then added contour with the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour palette in fair to medium, Urban Decay’s “naked concealer” in fair blended in under my eyes with a beauty blender and probably too generous a sprinkling of The Balm’s “mary-lou manizer” highlighter which is absolute life! Brows were achieved using my trusty Anastasia Berkley Hills dip brow in “chocolate.” I decided on a matte red lip to inject some colour into my look, in “perfect red” by NYX, one of the best and most affordable cosmetic brands out there, I love their stuff. Finished it off with THE best mascara there ever was, Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex”. It needs to be tried to be believed.


I wandered into Penney’s on my lunch break a few days ago and saw this gorgeous playsuit on a mannequin that I probably wouldn’t have looked at twice at on the hanger. In my go-to colour, black with cute detailing and a lovely lace back it was a bargain at only €16. I matched it with a brown belt, also from Penney’s and another steal at €4. I teamed them with my new sandals from River Island which I’m literally living in, they were €50 but sooo worth it they’re really comfortable and they go with absolutely everything. My friend and I ended up walking from the Aviva all the way back into the city centre after the concert and I wasn’t even hobbling, thats when you know you’ve found a fab pair of shoes 😉

When it comes to accessories I never really bother, I always concentrate on my makeup more than anything else so I decided to make a bit more of an effort and wore a black choker I bought in Forever 21 for €8 with a whole load of bracelets I had in my jewellery box at home. I also threw on a pair of funky ass glasses I bought on aliexpress for about €5  and bam! I was ready.


If anyone wants to know anything else, drop me a comment under here and as always, let me know what you guys think! X – AMK