Like the moon, half of her was always hidden

In fear that her thoughts may tumble out, unbidden

To look at she’s perfect, brave and unbreakable

But inside she’s caving, her anxiety unmistakeable.


A solitary soldier, her lines are well versed

“Its nothing” “Im fine” the lies like a curse

She’s gotten so good at putting on a show

She has almost forgotten how to stop and let go.


How do you break a habit, when its become who you are

The image you project, but no one see’s the internal scar

No one really knows, because you act just the same

And next thing your spiralling, with no one else to blame.


It shouldn’t have to be this way, she shouldn’t have to hide

Whats going on inside her head, the way she feels inside

If people would just take the time, to listen and understand

Then maybe she wouldn’t feel so lonely, drowning on dry land


Havoc and Devastation

This is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago that I never intended on sharing with anyone, however after discovering The Darkest Fairytale‘s blog, I was inspired to post my own poetry. As always, let me know what you guys think!

I don’t get why no one gets me.

What’s inside is something they just can’t see.

I have a lot of dreams and many aspirations,

But while I’m here all I create is havoc and devastation.


I want to spread my wings and fly,

Away from this hell and these prying eyes.

Then I feel that familiar pull,

Dragging me down where their minds are so dull.

Sometimes its easy, faking content,

But mostly its draining, so much time spent.


A constant nagging deep down in my gut,

Keeps on reminding me I’m stuck in a rut.

I’ve lost who I am now I cant even see,

Why no one ever seemed to get me.

The dreams and aspirations I may never achieve,

All the havoc and devastation because I don’t know how to leave.